Planning a wedding or event is like getting a pet for the first time. For years you've imagined sunny days with your gorgeous dog walking right by your side, keeping you company while you read, and being your respectful, attentive companion. Then you get the puppy and realize that in order to have your dream dog that doesn't run away, jump on your couch and chew your favorite shoes, you have to do a LOT of work. 

Sound familiar? You finally got the ring on your finger OR you're finally ready to launch that retreat you've been thinking about OR you're ready to bring in your 50th year with a bang... But, now that you see the OVERWHELMING to-do list in front of you, those long logged visions of the perfect event start getting a little fuzzy. 

That's where I come in! I love meeting with a client and visibly watching stress melt away in front of my eyes. It means I'm helping. And that, my friend, is my weakness. I'm a helpful person to the core. 

I started my career at a non profit residential camp as an equestrian director. After 7 years, 100 horses, and thousands of kids and guests, I had organized, planned and executed hundreds of camp programs, horse shows, weekend retreats, staff trainings, donor events, golf outings and more. Oh the stories I could tell...just think about the combination of 70 horses, 50 screaming kids, 12 adolescent staff and a thunderstorm. My freak-out level is pretty low after having a job like that.

After some time in the flower industry as a floral designer and becoming a mom of 2 adorable kids, I went full time launching Rachel Lynn Studio. I've designed hundreds of weddings, corporate events, trainings, retreats, creative workshops, birthday parties, conferences and more.

Besides the coordination and planning, the other aspect of throwing an event that keeps me loving my job, is making a space not just look a certain way, but feel a certain way. The way an event feels has everything to do with how successful the event is, and a large part of that is how the host/hostess feels (that's you). If throwing an event has you so drained that you're over it by the time the event comes around, your guests feel it too. Why not let me take over? Or at least give you some support.

Already feeling some stress fade? Drop me a message. We'll meet. I'll take care of you.


Another one of my passions is bringing together creatives, entrepreneurs and small business owners to collaborate and support one another. It started when my friend, Sara Cormier, asked me to help her create a cool networking event for creatives called The Creative Hook Up. We intended to "hook up" creatives (think photographers, copywriters, illustrators, artists, florists, etc.) with people that wanted to hire creative services. It turned out to be a killer event, mainly for creatives to connect and form some relationships, and people wanted MORE of it. We knew we couldn't throw party after party, but we knew we could meet over coffee once a month...and three years later, we now lease a space in Norwood and continue the well attended coffee sessions (The Creative Buzz) in addition to other educational and social events. We call our space The Creative Hook Up.     


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