Hey there! So glad you made it to this page. That means that someone thought you'd be a perfect collaborator in a mastermind group. You’re probably curious about what this is all about, so I’m going to lay it out plain and simple for you.


My name is Rachel Murphy and I've been gathering people together in many ways throughout my entire life. I started my own mastermind group in 2017 with a group of 5 other female business owners. At the time, I was craving consistant connection with a group of people that understood what it means to be an entrepreneur. It wasn't necessarily about friendship at the beginning. The connection was really centered around finding other business owners who got it: people who could hold me accountable and motivate me to “level up” in my thinking, my business practices, and my ability to grow. That's exactly what I got, plus the meaningful friendships.


Do you have a dependable group of people that you can turn to for business and life advice on a regular basis?

Do you regularly meet with people that experience the same types of ups and downs that you face as a business owner and entrepreneur?

If you answered NO, are you ready to turn that around?

*I’m introducing new mastermind groups in spring 2019 that might be just the answer for you.


These mastermind groups are specifically for entrepreneurs that are looking to grow personally and professionally, are willing to share with transparency and candor, and are open to feedback and advice.

These are small (5-7 people), carefully curated groups of business owners with the right combination of similarities and differences. More speicifcally, I match up similarities in business size, ambition, commitment level, and desire for growth while also weaving together differences in strengths, weaknesses, personalities, industries, and what each person can bring to the group.

Meetings are once per week for the first two months, and then every other week following those first two months. Meetings are in person at The Space Community Workplace in Montgomery and last approximately 1.5 hours. I facilitate each meeting to keep a timely schedule and flow for the meeting, allowing each person an opportunity to share a quick update, wins, and goals, and also leave time for the group to focus on specific needs of 1 or 2 members. I also introduce a few assessment techniques, books and strategies to not only help provide a better understanding of yourself, but also as a way of getting to know one another better.


$200/month or $1000 paid in full


  • 16 Mastermind meetings
  • A minimum of 4 opportunities for the group to brainstorm and take a deeper dive into your business questions or roadblocks.
  • A facilitator for each meeting to ensure the meetings stay on track and valuable, as well as take notes and track accountability goals.
  • Supplies including but not limited to; notebook, meeting space, snacks, and endless amounts of coffee (if that’s your thing).
  • Private Facebook group for communications between meetings


  • Discounted rates for tickets to business events, workshops, and networking events held at The Space.
  • A networking event gathering members of other mastermind groups together.
  • A 6-month follow up gathering after the last mastermind meeting.

If you’re ready to take the next step, fill out the application below. Seats are limited. Members are placed in compatible groups as people commit to the group. Once you fill out the form, hang tight and I will follow up with you shortly!

Have questions? That's understandeable. Feel free to email me! Rachel@rachellynnstudio.com